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Rock Wool Production Line

Rock Wool Production Line (Rock Wool Machinery)

As a kind of vitreous fiber, rock wool is highly efficient in offering thermal insulation and sound insulation protection. It is widely used in building industry, chemical field, textile industry, and many other fields.
RONTECH is an experienced rockwook machinery manufacturer in China. We have devoted ourselves to the development of rock wool industry since 1980s. Then, RONTECH has made continual efforts to improve our technology, and now we can offer a complete set of high quality rock wool production line to customers.

Technical Parameter of Rock Wool Production Line (Rock Wool Machinery)

Type Cupola Furnace Tank Furnace
Capacity 3000 tons - 30000 tons every year 2000 tons - 20000 tons every year
Raw material Slag and basalt Basalt, limestone, dolomite
Fuel Coke, Coal Natural gas or Heavy oil

Process Chart

Proportion System
Controlled by PLC, the automatic proportioning system can help you proportion the raw materials according to your specific requirements.

Melting System
Our rock wool production line can be fitted with cupola furnace or tank furnace. With low energy consumption, the furnace can ensure the reliable melting performance and continuous operation of rock wool machinery. Our furnace needs little maintenance.

Melting system
The dust collector in the rock wool production line is able to collect dust and waste gas produced by melting furnace and the combustion of fuel.

Heat Exchanger
Heat exchanger is helpful to the recycle of the heat from the exhaust air. It can effectively reduce energy waste and meanwhile protect the environment.

Wool Collector
Wool collector, as the name suggests, is used to collect the fiberized wool from melting system. This provides convenience for pendulum to arrange the fiberized wool.

The fiberized wool are arranged and distributed evenly on the conveyor and then transferred to the curing oven for further treatment.

Pleating Machine
The pleating machine comprises of multiple rollers which run at different velocity respectively. The loose wool are arranged and pre-pressed in this section.

Curing Oven
Our curing oven has obtained patent. The pretreated wool is cured in the curing oven. In the meantime, additives could also be added selectively, so as to produce rock wool board and blanket, etc.

Cutting Machine
The cutting machine will cut and saw the formed products into desired size.

Blanket Rolling Machine
Blanket is rolled into a bundle on this machine.

Packaging Machine
Packaging machine is used to pack the finished products for easy delivery or shipment.

Blanket Stitching Machine
With the help of blanket stitching machine, blanket could be strengthened with glass fabric or wire mesh. The processed blanket enjoys higher strength.

Pipe Rolling Machine
Pipe section of rock wool could be manufactured through using pipe rolling machine.

Rock Wool Products
Relying on our expertise and advanced rock wool production line, we can also provide rock wool products with high quality and distinctive excellence.

Classification of Rock Wool Products

Specification of RONTECH Rock Wool Products
Classification Nominal Density(kg/m3) Dimension
Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
Board 40 - 200 1000 (adjustable) 500 - 2000 30 - 150
Blanket 40 - 100 1000 (adjustable) 1200 30 - 100
Stitched Blanket 40 - 90 1000 (adjustable) 1000 - 1200 40 - 100
Pipe Section 80 - 100 1000 Φ20 - Φ630 30 - 100

We are a premier manufacturer of rock wool production line in China with over 30 years experience in mechanical manufacturing. Apart from complete production line, our expertise is also reputed in providing all range of technology upgrade and reinforcement.

Besides all kinds of insulation equipment such as rock wool, glass wool, ceramic fiber production line we are also leading in supplying material processing and handling equipment like plastic pipe making machine, roll forming machine, cranes etc.

If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact.

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